Is Your Financial Advisor Prepared for the Markets?

Are you prepared for 2019? Has the markets from December 2018 – March 2019 caused you concern? The markets moved -18% in three weeks back in December 2019 with some markets around the world entering bear territory (-20% or more). But then it changed. From December 28th – March 15, the markets make a dramatic […]

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Financial Advisor Rankings – Can You Trust Them?

Should you trust a financial advisor ranking publication to help guide you in your choice of an advisor? The Financial Advisor you are considering is ranked in Barron’s 1,000 – Is this a “all-clear” signal?   Your Investment Advisor (Registered Investment Advisor – RIA) is ranked in the Financial Times Top 1,000 – does this […]

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Professional Athletes and Bad Investment Decisions

The NFL draft is right around the corner and with the draft comes grown up responsibilities for new NFL players. In this paper we are going to share 5 examples of professional athletes who made poor decisions, meaningful impacting them and their families. Link: Athletes and Their Money – You Can Learn from their Mistakes! […]

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