February 2018 – A great month to judge your Financial Advisor


How was your investment performance in February? The month just ended and the first two weeks were anything but subtle.

The stock market had vicious moves with a -10% correction between February 2nd and February 11th. There have been 95 corrections of -10% or more since 1928, this being number 96.

Was your Financial Advisor or Banker prepared?

This is a “rare” opportunity for an investor to truly judge the quality of their financial advisor – armed with the right questions.

In this white paper, we share three important areas we look at right now when evaluating an investment advisor. These are the questions giving you the basis of, “Is my financial advisor one of the best?” Our firm does exactly that for our clients: we ask the questions to make certain our clients are working with a good, if not great financial advisor.

White Paper Link Here

About Moenio:

We are a client-advocacy firm focused on helping our clients know they are working with a great financial advisor. Each search or evaluation is customized specifically to our clients needs. We do not get paid by financial advisors or their firms when working with our clients. Our interest are aligned with our clients.