Trust & Investment Protector Services

An Active-360° Approach

Our Difference is Going Beyond What You Expect

Trust Protector Services

A trust protector stands ready to intercede on behalf of those they safeguard and is hired to ensure the trust and beneficiaries do not suffer unanticipated liabilities such as trustee mismanagement & compliance issues, conflicts of interests between firms and investors as well as other unforeseen situations.

Moenio provides active trust protector services, going beyond what is expected. Our approach is built upon being involved and monitoring the trustee. While we have faith the trustee will act accordingly, we believe in “Trust but Verify”.

Investment Protector Services

When issues arise, they most often occur in who is managing the assets and how they are invested. To ensure proper stewardship of the trust assets, Moenio undertakes an Active Approach, going beyond what the trustee will typically provide.

In every engagement, Moenio evaluates the Advisors, Firms and others who direct investments on the trusts’ behalf and provides active reviews of investments decisions, ensuring the future of the families and beneficiary interests.

Trustee Advisor

When a trustee is a non-professional - a friend or family member - the trustee might wish to have guidance and direction in relation to their role. In this situation, Moenio acts as a valuable resource to help the trustee navigate the challenges and decisions of being a trustee.

Moenio provides non-bonding advice to the trustee in all aspects of their role. Our job is too to provide objective, sound advice helping you when questions arise.

Investment Committee Advisor

For families and trustees who desire input on the investment decisions being made, Moenio provides an independent, unbiased opinion. Many families and trustees are required to make investment decisions on the family or trusts behalf. These often include who should manage the assets, agreement on investment recommendations and more.

Moenio helps guide the family or trust in the investment decisions, acting as a fiduciary to provide unbiased and expert opinions.

Charitable and Foundation Investment Committee

Your intent is to provide help and support to valuable causes. Achieving this relies heavily upon the investments and outcomes. Moenio provides a level of support to charities and foundations that help guide the process and decisions.

Acting as a non-voting member, Moenio evaluates those who are offering solutions, such as advisors and firms, to make certain the advice and implementation are what you should expect. In addition, offering periodic reviews of those investments and their outcomes.

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