Helping you get the best advice

Let us make a complicated process easy

With over 625,000 registered advisors in the United States, is yours among the best? Are you receiving the performance and service you deserve?

MOENIO is an independent, client-consulting firm that employs a proprietary, multi-faceted approach to deliver confidence in the services your advisor provides. MOENIO capitalizes on 20+ years of experience and puts your interests first to:

  • Objectively evaluate your advisors investment performance
  • Bridge the communications gap between you and your advisors
  • Measure and monitor services and advisory fees
  • Find the right advisor should the need arise

Evaluate My Advisor

We believe all clients with wealth should have a financial advisor. Whether a Private Wealth Advisor, Private Banker, or another professional, an advisor can and should be an integral part of a client’s financial well-being.

Like any relationship that involves business, financial transactions, and human interactions, the client-advisor relationship can have inherent challenges. Our clients hire us to work through the issues and challenges they have with their advisor.

We help you uncover the important “truths” and critical details, so together we can objectively evaluate your advisor relationship and understand how he or she is working on your behalf. We are there for you when you need a second set of eyes and someone to sit on your side of the table.

Find an Advisor

How many times did you meet with your current advisory firm before choosing them? What questions did you ask? Did they provide referrals, and did you call them? Did you check the results they delivered for their clients and verify the advisors’ investment performance?

We begin our engagement by working with our client to understand what expertise they need above all other areas so we can begin to narrow down the type of advisor. We look at location of the financial advisor, team/individual, RIA firm/Wall Street firm/Trust firm/, assets managed, number of clients, and more areas. Once we narrow down what we specifically want, we begin an earnest search on our clients behalf.

MOENIO has the knowledge and expertise to perform important due diligence so you don’t have to. We work on your behalf to find a number of investment advisors and firms that are the best match for your needs and goals—now and in the future.


Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring is important to make sure the investment advice and services you’re receiving map to your expectations and goals. In many cases, our clients tell us they simply want someone “on their side of the table” reviewing their portfolio while meeting with their investment advisors.

We’ve found that peace of mind comes from having a clearly defined set of expectations. We work with you and your financial advisor team to make sure everyone is on the same page and working to achieve a common goal.

The process starts at the first meeting with your advisor. We work to understand their thoughts on your portfolio, your cash flow, their outlooks on markets, and how they plan to invest. We document the commentary and ask deeper questions to understand one simple outcome for our clients: What should we expect when we meet again in three, six, or twelve months?

Our goal is simple – Are you being provided excellent advice and service at the right value every year and at every meeting?