About Kevin Neal

Kevin Neal,is the driving force behind MOENIO. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Kevin has earned recognition as a subject matter expert and trusted expert to high net worth and ultra high net worth families and individuals. He is a leading authority on financial advisors’ practices and the solutions required by wealthy families when working with their advisors. During Kevin’s 20 + years in the financial services industry he has built a regional wealth management firm, a financial planning practice, and was a 10+ year veteran of one of the largest wealth management firms in the world. Kevin has been Partner and Vice President of Sales for a regional RIA firm, Regional Wealth Management Consultant, Business Development Consultant, and a Private Wealth Advisor.

Using his expertise in what individuals and families require from their advisors and bankers, Kevin created a proprietary process to evaluate and rate financial advisors, “Client – Advisor Assessment Report (CAAR).” This report breaks down an advisors practice and their performance to give verification on what is provided to the client. Rather than trust, the CAAR creates a "Trust but Verify" aspect for clients.

As a national recognized resource on investor and advisor matters, Kevin has been interviewed by Bloomberg Radio and NPR as well as showcased in Business Insider, The Street, The New York Times, and other national publications.

Moenio does not accept compensation from advisors, bankers, consultants, wealth management firms, RIA’s or other institutions when providing our expertise to clients. WE are unbiased and have no conflicts.