Is Your Financial Advisor Prepared for the Markets?

Are you prepared for 2019? Has the markets from December 2018 – March 2019 caused you concern? The markets moved -18% in three weeks back in December 2019 with some markets around the world entering bear territory (-20% or more). But then it changed. From December 28th – March 15, the markets make a dramatic move upward. Erasing almost all the loses from that period of time.

Can we learn anything from this about your financial advisor?

In February of 2018, we shared a piece with our clients, February 2018 – A great month to judge your Financial Advisor.

In the report last year, we shared what we were seeing from the best advisors in the country at that time. The changes they were making as we entered the longest bull market in history and, as an investor using a Financial Advisor, what you might consider when looking at your own advisor. December 2018 – March 2019 was very similar to February 2019; rapid movements up and down.

How do you judge your financial advisor right now?  Is your financial advisor one of the best providing good risk-adjusted return while offering you peace of mind in the way they communicate?

Here is our updated, 2019 piece:

Is your Advisor Prepared for 2019 and the Markets?