The Coronavirus and Your Financial Advisor – Are You Getting the Right Advice?

The Coronavirus and Your Financial Advisor

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in January, there has been much speculation over its impact on the financial markets. I have had the unique opportunity to sit in meetings with my clients while they are being pitched from top financial advisor teams across the United States as well as during review meetings. Many of these review meetings happened in February.

What was fascinating to me in the review meetings was the sheer difference in opinion of the financial advisors, investment advisors, and multi-family offices. In over 20 meetings during the beginning of February to mid-February, I did not hear one team raise an alarm about the virus. In fact, most thought it would be a “mild event.”

I this paper, I share three key aspects heard over the past four weeks. Right NOW is a great time to separate the best financial advisors from the average.

Link Here: The Coronavirus and Your Financial Advisor